Generosity overload

May I start this post by giving my heartfelt thanks to all who donated. It was a truly magnificent display of generosity, the fact that much of the donations came from people who I haven’t had the fortune to meet in “real life” particularly impressive.

Donations will continue to be accepted until the end of today.

Luckily the wonderful Josh George pushed me over £100 (100 bloody pounds!) and out of the dreaded “Shawcross zone” and into the “by popular demand” zone.

Here’s how it’ll work.

Each person who has donated will have the opportunity to suggest their own entry to enter into the vote (eg Bergkamp, or Bumface) alongside the original options. Then ,once all options are collected, I’ll send out the final list consisting of the originals and new additions. Then each person will receive one vote each which will be weighted depending on their donation. So a person who donated £5 would have a vote worth 5 times as much as a person who donated £1.

Obviously with submissions, nothing that would get me arrested. Otherwise, the world is your oyster.

thanks again, you bloody beauties.



A reminder of the original choices.

RVP, Nasri, Bale, Adebayor, Suarez, Terry, Barton, Shawcross, Pulis.


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