Part 1: RVP Is a cunt

Part 1/2 of the “is RVP a cunt?” series.

RVP is a cunt.

He’s fucked us. For all the talk of “being honest with the fans”, he’s fucked us. If he’d kept his mouth shut and not released his patronising, disrespectful statement which reeked of agent involvement then maybe we would have been able to recoup a decent fee for him. Not now though. His statement carefully designed to leave no “but maybe’s…”. Talk of disagreements with the clubs direction and a catty aside to a fictitious “2 week holiday in America” for Ivan Gazidis. With that statement he smeared his cock in cat nip and leaped into the lion pit. Now we’ll have to hope that the predators encircling him and his eagerly spread cheeks will chuck us a bone.

Maybe he doesn’t owe the fans anything. He’s had so many frustrating seasons but with that last sublime season perhaps he paid us back. We’ve never really taken a chance on him, never really been that involved other than sympathy when he was injury afflicted and deliriously happy when he was soaring.

Wenger is another case entirely.

Arsene took a chance on a gobby little shite from Feyenoord whose poor attitude had largely confined him to the bench. He stuck with him throughout the numerous injuries. Always trumpeting his belief that RVP was one of the best in the world. A belief which, before the last season and a half, would generally be met with “hoho, alright then Arsene.”. He gave him the responsibility of being club captain. The chance to be a figurehead for Arsenal. The chance to inspire the younger generation and to lead the Arsenal he supposedly supported as a boy. He was already the best paid player at the club and would have received a deal which required the strict wage control at the club to be completely disregarded. Yet at the very first opportunity Van Persie has sold Wenger down the river. All the years of work he had put in to finally allowing Van Persie to realise his potential completely disregarded by a crass statement designed to lower his transfer fee and thus increase the money available for his new wages.

To disregard fans is understandable. They’ll sing when you’re winning and scream you off the field when you’re not. The utter contempt he has shown Arsene Wenger cannot be justified.

Cunts will come and cunts will go. But Arsene will always be there to pick up the pieces after yet another betrayal from the Fabregas’ and Van Persie’s of the world. If this sorry episode has shown the fans anything it’s that the loyalty of Arsene Wenger is a rare and beautiful thing which should not be taken for granted.

  1. bill said:

    RVP is the biggest cunt going.

  2. Undies said:

    I’m new to soccer so I haven’t developed the type* of relationship you have w/ RVP. But recently one of my favorite basketball players signed w/ a team I hate beyond the telling of it. And for some reason, I can’t bring myself to resent him. I think because my love is pure and true and good. It did however rekindle my hate affair for that team though. I guess what I’m saying is like that quote from The Bible: don’t hate the player, hate the Lakers.

  3. Undies said:

    *the kind where you can call them names that are words for female anatomy. Like, “andrew is the tits” or “chris is a cunt.”

    • I think it depends how a player leaves. If he leaves amicably and simply says that he has had a great time but wants a new challenge, then that’s absolutely fine. Henry did exactly that when going to Barca, a team I maybe don’t hate but certainly dislike. He’s still so well loved by Arsenal fans that a bronze statue of him was set outside the stadium this year and he was able to come back on loan for half a season.
      But when players leave disrespectfully, trying to cover the motives for their departure with snide asides at the management and board then I find I almost instantly lose all respect for them and any great deeds performed in the red and white of Arsenal mean nothing to me any more.

    • It obviously depends how much of a cunt the management is being. Ashley Cole felt the management were being cunts when they refused to match the extra 5k on offer from Chelsea, when he’d illegally gone behind Arsenal’s back to talk with Chelsea and get the offer.

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